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I am an innovative, highly motivated educational leader and teacher with over 18 years of experience.


I am confident my diverse skills and knowledge have added value to the organisations I have worked within and the students I have taught.

I believe leading by example is the key to developing a good work ethos and a self-motivated, personal approach to learning for my students. I believe that relationships are central to effective learning. Students engage with learning and achieve better results in an environment where they feel valued as individuals.

I believe in the transformative power of education.


I have an enduring commitment to education, and I am motivated to contribute to building environments where young people may develop lasting strengths and capacities that will enhance their lives.

My key educational goals are and have always been to produce authentic learning experiences that craft the ‘teachable moment’ that if extended from lesson to lesson, can create lifelong learners.

My strong teaching pedagogy allows me to deliver a framework that extends students at all levels.


As a result students in my care consistently achieve well above school expectation and national averages. I am technically able in many areas, but pride myself in underpinning all practical work with critical analysis, linking ideas and techniques to the motivations of contemporary and traditional creative practice.

Lila Price

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